Language Courses for Adults and Juniors in Moscow, Vologda, Cherepovets
Independent Educational Institution LingvoLand Language Studio was established in 2000. It is a privately owned group of language schools, which provides a wide range of courses in foreign languages.
For those who want to study English, which is by far the most popular language at our school, we offer a variety of courses: General English, Business English, Intensive Course, Private Tuition, Examination Courses (PET, FCE, and IELTS), English for Young Learners, Short-term Communication and Grammar Courses. We teach English for all levels, according to the international framework:
- Beginner
- Elementary
- Pre-Intermediate
- Intermediate
- Upper-Intermediate
- Advanced
We are a small welcoming school with friendly homelike atmosphere. Our average all year number of students is about 750 falling to 300 in July and August. Almost 30% of the students are young learners.
The most popular levels with adults are Elementary and Pre-Intermediate with 18% and 17% of the overall number of students correspondingly.
Our students range in age from 6 to 50 years old. Some of them stay with us for several years moving from one level to another, with most persistent ones coming to the Advanced level from the complete zero.
For the followers of other languages, who make just 5% of our clients, we offer courses in General German, French, and Italian.
At our school we use course books and resources, published by the world-famous Oxford University Press, Pearson Longman, Cambridge University Press, CLE International, Hueber, and others.
We control the results of our work by regular tests and offer free extra-curricular classes for those students, who need some additional practice of particular skills.
We provide our services not only for groups or individuals, but also for companies, designing new courses responding to specific needs of their business.
LingvoLand has provided in-company classes for the following enterprises: Insurance Company Soglasiye, JSC Air-Liquid-Severstal; UPM Kymennee Forest Russia LTD; Nestle-Russia LTD; Soval LTD, and others.
The school is a member of ATEEL organization (www.ateel.org) which guarantees high quality standards of teaching maintained at the school.
LingvoLand has highly qualified professionals on the staff. The head of the Educational Management team is the Director of Studies (Vologda Teacher Training University Diploma, CELTA). Each centre is managed by an Assistant to Director of Studies.
Naturally, all the teachers without exception have fundamental teacher training education having finished different universities in Russia. Besides, as they are employed, they are specially trained to use the teaching method recognized at LingvoLand. The teachers observe their colleagues classes and prepare classes to be observed by DOS or ADOSes. As part of professional development some of the teachers take BKC Refresher Course or methodology courses in the UK. Moreover, we are one of the very few schools, which cover all the expenses connected with the staff training. We can responsibly say: quality is our priority.
LingvoLand is also occupied with promotion of Language Courses in the UK among those Russians who wish to study English abroad.
Our partners in the UK:
Anglolang Academy of English
Inlingua Cheltenham
Lewis School of English
Our Russian partner organisation, which promotes programmes of higher education in the UK is IH-Moscow

LingvoLand has three centres: in Vologda (established in 2000), in Cherepovets (established in 2006), and in Moscow (established in 2008). All the centres are united by the same teaching method and balanced programmes of study responding to individual needs.
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